in the unpredictable

I recently heard a statement that said, “If you can fully explain what’s going on in your church, God’s probably not in it.” Being an over-the-top detail and planner guy myself, I had to step back and chew on this statement.  Not being planned? Are you serious? Is there anything wise about that? The more I thought about this statement and processed it by thinking back through my few short years of church ministry and my two decades of being a Christ-follower the more I agree with it professionally and personally. I have often thought how one of the incredible things about God is that we will never totally figure Him out, thus we are left to continually seek after Him. So much about God is unpredictable, but I believe that’s just the way He designed it.

For me personally this truth has become incredibly even more true recently. God is leading and directing the path of my life through the unpredictable, and it has left me in a place of seeking His face like never before in my life. There is a direction that He seems to be leading me that was never on my life map. It wasn’t a part of the big picture that I had planned and laid out for myself, my marriage, or my future family. It’s not something that I ever saw myself doing. It was never something I would have signed up for. It is completely unpredictable…yet it is so right and so true. God is making me so aware of my dependency on Him. My first gut reaction is to respond by saying, “But I’m not wise enough, old enough, experienced enough, or anything enough!” God promptly responded to this statement, “You’re right, but I’m enough.” He has put in front of me the true reminder that if I wait to act in obedience until I get wise enough, old enough, experienced enough, or whatever enough there is a good chance I will no longer need Him because I will feel competent enough on my own…which I am completely not.

I am reminded of David’s journey in 1 Samuel 16 and 17. David is nothing but a boy in the field tending to sheep when he gets called in to stand before Samuel and is anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit. Then before David knows it he is called in again to King Saul to become one of his armor-bearers. Next in chapter 17 he is sent on a meager mission to deliver food to his brothers who are at war, however, he does more than deliver food. David by the end of the chapter has slain a 9 foot giant with a slingshot and a stone that the rest of the Israelite army was afraid to fight. I’m not the brightest guy but I am sure that David didn’t have this whole plain scripted out while he was sitting in the field chillin’ with the sheep. God was working a plan in the unpredictable for His glory, and David simply responded with obedience. It didn’t make sense to David’s father, his brothers, Goliath, King Saul, the Israelite army, and especially not to David, but it was just the way the Father drew it up.

Please hear me say that I fully believe that God has given us wisdom and logical minds to make mature and smart decisions. While I know God longs for us to take wise steps in a cruel and dangerous world, I am more convinced at this point in my life than ever before that if I really believe God is who He says He is, and if I really believe that I will stand one day before the King of the Kings to be judged for my obedience to His call on my life, I cannot face the unpredictable with fear and caution but with a reckless abandon because I follow and serve the Savior of the World.


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My name is Bryant May. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband to the most beautiful and God-fearing woman I know, director of production at Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS, an Alabama football fanatic, and an OCD organization/clean freak.

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